E-R Equation of State:
  A new three-parameter equation of state with special attention to the application for reservoir fluids has been presented by Esmaeilzadeh and Roshanfekr in 2006 with following pressure-explicit form:
    This equation of state was then en tended to mixture by using mixing rules [M.Bonyadi,F.Esmaeilzadeh,Fluid phase equilibria,260(2007)326-334] The modified ER-EOS (mER-EOS) is improved volumetric predictions of gas condensate by applying volume shift for heavy end(s) by F.Esmaeilzadeh and F.Samadi[ Modification of Esmaeilzadeh- Roshanfekr Equation of State to ImproveVolumetric Predictions of Gas Condensate Reservoir", Fluid Phase Equilibria, 267, 2008, 107-112] In general comparison result between experimental and calculated data for saturated vapor and liquid densities,enthalpy and entropy of some purecomponents,CVD and CCE experiments,solubility parameter,Gas hidrate rerution in the pressure.or ahence of inhibition,gas condensate nano particle and minimum miscibilits pressure for gascondensate reservoirs indicate the mER-EOS has smaller error than the ER-EOS,PR-EOS,SPK-EOS and Pota-Teja EOS.
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