Honors & Awards:

1. Rank 1 of B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at petroleum Technology of Abadan University, GPA: 3.34.

2. Awarding financial support & full scholarship for PhD program from chemical engineering department of petroleum Technology of Abadan University, 1986.

3. Receipt, all semesters of Fellowship from N.I.O.C (National Iranian Oil Company) at petroleum Technology of Abadan University.

4. GPA in PhD courses is 18.44 which was above the average GPA (17.24 and 17.83 for University and Department Avg. ) in Sharif University.

5. Selected as the best consultant in N. I. O. C. ( South Zagross Production)

6. Selected as the best researcher in Shiraz University for Year 2008.

7. Rank 3 of applied researchers for design and manufacturing of PVT apparatus in 11th Khwarizmi Youth Award

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